Images and shapes


I have an academic background in the biological sciences, with a PhD in systematics and evolutionary biology. With thoroughness and a great passion for research and knowledge, I have built an academic career that is also very valuable in other private and public sectors. I am not only passionate about biology and natural science per se, but also about sharing the knowledge through education and teaching.

In recent years my interest and urge to create outside academia has grown, as my inspiration gathered during my natural studies has influenced my imagination and dreams.

In my work as a taxonomist my task is to describe nature and all the species in it. In this, illustration of the species is a key part, because how else do we know which species are which without being able to see them in front of us? Scientific illustration is a skill that develops over time, and for me it has evolved from the purely scientific into the artistic. For me, nature, science and the soul are a tightly connected unit.

As photography has been both a passion and side business since early youth, it has always been with me and documenting the reality around me. But I have also discovered how photography can be an art of both deception and creating imaginary worlds. Sometimes it's just a matter of enhancing the invisible that has always been there.



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